The Story

This bone-in turkey breast recipe has become one of our favorites. It has the distinct open-fire flavor and the tender juiciness of a slow-cooked oven-baked turkey, and requires half the normal cooking time.

Just like Thanksgiving, the leftovers are fantastic. Try turkey sandwiches with bacon, turkey on a salad, or open-faced turkey sandwiches.

Servings: 6


  • 5-6 lb. Fresh Bone-In Turkey Breast

  • 6-8 Strips Thick-Cut Bacon

  • 6 Fresh Sage Leaves

  • 3 Cloves Garlic, Sliced Thin

  • Salt & Pepper

Accompaniment & Sides:

Oven-baked sweet potatoes & Quad roasted Brussels sprouts. Use the leftover turkey for sandwiches or sliced on a salad.

Quad Setup:

Full chimney of coal, hot fire, Quad with the grill in place. Cover with dome.



  • About 1.5 hours before you’re ready to begin cooking, pat the breast dry.

  • Season the outside and the cavity with salt & pepper.

  • Slide sage leaves & garlic under the skin of the breast.

  • Let the turkey sit out for 1-1.5 hours before grilling.

  • Place the turkey on the hot grill, breast-side down, for 3-5 minutes to crisp the skin.

  • Turn the breast over, so that the bone-side is down on the grill, then lay the bacon across the turkey.

  • Place the dome, vent opened, on the Quad.

  • After 30 minutes, begin checking the temperature for doneness (it should be done in 45-55 minutes).

  • As an alternative to bacon, try pancetta. Get creative!