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Ray Palermo 

QuadGrill..... Simply, The Best Charwood Grill on the Planet!

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QuadGrill..... Simply, The Best Charwood Grill on the Planet!


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A One-of-a-Kind Crowdfunding Opportunity

 I Cook With Fire "Steakholders" receive equity (stock), product awards, and the chance to test out new products/recipes. Our "Steakholders," experienced with ICWF products and incentivized by ownership, become authentic Cooking with Fire ambassadors, building brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and driving sales to our target audiences. 

The Time is Right

Don't miss out on the chance to invest in the new crypto*. The barbecue industry is blazing, making it crucial to get in early and get behind a product bound for the global market. Don't believe us? Check out the latest data on the barbecue market. Sales of grills and smokers in the U.S. soared 41%**
 *Fortune Magazine July 2021 
**Bloomberg, May 2021

Kickin'gas with QuadGrill

Say goodbye to The "Backyard Microwave." AKA the gas grill, a blue flame, and a cheap wire grate are fine if you're cooking boneless, skinless chicken breasts, hot dogs for eight-year-olds, or frozen hamburger patties for your in-laws. But if you just spent $90 on a 4-lb. prime porterhouse, you need a charwood fire and a laser-carved steel grate with a blazing 1,000°surface temperature.


QuadGrill In Action

A Word from Our Steakholders

We've already begun building our team of early steakholders and investors, gathering the most adventurous, experiential chefs and flavor-obsessed foodies. 

Join the ranks today and experience outdoor cooking at its finest–and fieriest–with QuadGrill's Steakholder opportunity.

Todd Malloy

I’ve known Ray Palermo for over 20 years. We were business partners in the real estate development business at one time. We both shared a long history in the restaurant business and a love of cooking. When Ray first developed the original Quad prototype, it blew me away, and I immediately invested in the company. I was always disappointed with all of the grills on the market and could never get a good sear on a steak. Quad has a bright future, and with Ray at the helm, I know it’s an excellent investment! 

Mike Vinciquerra

After years of using primarily gas grills & occasionally using our smoker, our transition to Quad cooking has been seamless. I've forgotten what an impact charcoal can have on food flavor.

Ralph Mills

Last Sunday night we celebrated my mother-in-laws 90th birthday with a cookout and dinner party. I grilled 12 New York Strips from Costco about 1.5 to 2 inches thick They were cooked ranging from rare to medium and the Quad provided the perfect heat! An amazing professional grade grill!

Steve Sparks

It's impossible to state what a game-changer the original Quad (Grill) was. After half a dozen uses, I'm convinced the new one's improved in every way.

Gregory Smith

I have worked with the Palermos for 7 years and have watched them develop their concept into a remarkable product. The Quad team not only delivered a fantastic cooker to me, but they taught me how to use it to produce the most marvelous steak I have ever eaten. I could go on and on, but I will stop here and just say of all the grills and cookers I have owned in my 59 years, the Quad is the most functional, productive and long-lasting cooker I have ever seen.

Mark Buss

Ray’s Quad is an awesome product. I met Ray many years ago and spent time with him as he had this project in development. New products need passionate champions and Ray is the epitome of passion. He lives “cooking with fire”. I was an immediate convert. As a long-time consumer products professional, I highly recommend one and all to this project, you won’t be disappointed with the result!

The Genesis

Despite being a half million years old, wood-char cooking had not evolved over the past 2,000 years. That is until Luchi, and Ray Palermo came along.

The Palermos are lifetime culinary explorers constantly trying new ingredients, techniques, recipes, and cooking methods. A few years ago, they purchased a Spanish paella pan to create an authentic wood-fired paella, but they found no device on the market that provided a very high, even heat over a large surface area.

Over the years, the Palermos built prototypes. They worked with fellow foodies, experts in food science, and casual grillers to create a high-heat, wood-char grill that was easy to master, easy to transport, and provided unrivaled wood-char flavor. Their creation, the QuadGrill, was so innovative that the US Patent Office validated the QuadGrill with both design and utility patents.

Whether it’s a perfectly seared ribeye, seared ahi tuna, grilled chicken, the quintessential burger, seared scallops, Napolitano pizza, or German brats, the QuadGrill will bring you a lifetime of homegrown, handmade, international flavor and community to your backyard.
Begin your culinary exploration today with QuadGrill.