Quad® Explorer

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Quad Explorer Package

Explore the world of food from your backyard. The journey starts with the Quad® Evolution, the hassle-free live-fire grill, and continues with our carefully curated accessories. Indulge your imagination and curiosity!

Included in the Explorer Package 

1. Quad® Evolution

  • 1,000°. Cook surface temperature
  • Gridiron. Laser-carved Hardened Carbon Steel, patented geometry
  • Large. 250+ sq. in. cook surface
  • Charcoal or Wood Fired. Unparalleled taste!

2. Quad® Dome

  • Infrared. High heat oven… pizza, sweating veggies, seafood, finishing

3. Paella Pan

  • Spanish Import. Authentic, dimpled, carbon steel pan

4. Perf Wok

  • Stainless Steel. Heavy-duty construction for direct fire immersion

5. Quad® Cover  

  • Custom-fitted Cover. Heavy-duty, fabric-backed vinyl, embroidered Quad logo