Barrel Proof Bourbon Barrel Bark

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Bourbon Barrel Bark

The idea for Barrel Proof Bourbon Bark Smoking Chips was born from numerous Kentucky evenings of Susan and Traci with their husbands discussing bourbon and grilling. The two entrepreneurial minded women decided to explore the use of the barrels as grilling chips anticipating that it would add a unique flavor to grilled foods while also reducing waste from the millions of bourbon barrels that might otherwise end up in our landfills, thus the birth of their new venture, Barrel Proof.

When used for grilling, the wood from the bourbon barrels releases a sweet and smoky flavor to your favorite foods creating a unique, rich flavor that can only be achieved by using the authentic white oak barrels utilized in the bourbon aging process.

Barrel Proof Cask Strength Smoking Chips are immediately packaged and produced from authentic Kentucky bourbon barrels.  After the bourbon aging process, the aromatic white oak is ideal for providing a source of rich, savory flavor that enhances any beef, poultry, seafood, pork or your favorite dish.


Barrel Proof is the company with a conscience and is both socially and ecologically responsible. We utilize a non-profit company employing those with special needs to package our product and are repurposing materials while avoiding waste.