Lucia Palermo

Co founder

Combining a lifetime of cooking experiences, both as professionals and food enthusiasts, Ray and Luchi Palermo’s passion for wood/char cooking, food get-togethers, and international cuisine is the foundation of Quad's signature cooking products.

The outdoor cooking experience has always been an integral part of the Palermo’s life. Throughout their 50 years of marriage, Ray and Luchi have experimented with all manner of recipes and outdoor cooking equipment, from a homemade pit to a la caja china, a bep, a gas grill, a charcoal smoker, a gas smoker, and a turkey fryer.

Their innate food curiosity, coupled with Luchi’s Spanish heritage, led to the purchase of a large paella pan, but they quickly grew frustrated when they realized they couldn’t get an even heat over the bottom surface of the paella pan. This frustration led to innovation as they successfully built the first iteration of what was to become the Quad Grill.

After setting up shop in their garage and building several for friends and family, Ray and Luchi sensed a commercial opportunity and took to Kickstarter. Following two wildly successfully Kickstarter campaigns resulting in the sale of several hundred more units online and in retail stores, the patented, redesigned Quad Grill was launched in 2020.

Imagined, designed, and manufactured in the USA, the Quad Grill is easy to use, easy to clean, and entirely versatile. Not only is it the best grill on the market, but the Quad Grill is lighter, stronger, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

A true “one and done” addition to any outdoor cooking enthusiast’s arsenal, the Quad Grill is the only grill you’ll ever need and the last grill you’ll ever buy. We guarantee it.

Founders | Creators | Inventors Ray and Luchi Palermo live in Atlanta, GA, where Ray is currently the CEO of ICWF Marketing, Inc.